About Us

My name is Timmy Hebert. I live in the small town of Rexton in south-eastern New Brunswick.
I was interested in getting some concrete benches and found that there were no concrete garden products being made in this area. I had always been interested in starting my own business and thought that maybe this is something I could get into, so two years ago I began making concrete benches. This year I started to make a variety of different styles of benches and birdbaths, of which, many are my own design.
People have been very supportive and interested in these designs and products.
Before I began this business I was involved in theatre, designing and constructing set, acting, singing, song writing, and researching and writing plays about the history of where I live. I have done silk screening on glass, t-shirts and different mediums, and have and still do carpentry work in addition to a 27-year career as a paramedic.
I play guitar, keyboard and mandolin. I enjoy playing music with my friends on a weekly basis.
I am currently looking forward to semi-retirement next spring and expanding my Garden Creations to include more of my own designs.


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